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At the urging of two friends, I have taken the topics that I had developed for a retreat, and
turned into my first book, Letting Go, Hanging On: A Guide for the Spiritual Journey,
published by Paulist Press and released just this month.

I had called the retreat ATTACHED, and it started when I reflected on the triple bypass
surgery I had in 2007. Once the doctors opened me up, they had to spend the first two hours
detaching all the lesions of radiation scar tissue that had accrued since my lung cancer surgery
and radiation treatments in 1999. My heart was literally attached to everything around it and
was pulling on everything as it tried to keep beating faithfully.

That got me thinking about how exhausted our “hearts” can become by being attached to all kinds
of things in our spiritual life; things like Egocentricity; Self-concept; God concept;
Successes and Failures, and the Need to be Right; Relationships and Hurts;
Sexual Concepts, experiences and Shame; Concepts and Practices of Prayer;
Our Past and our Future; and yes, we can be attached to “stuff” as well.

On the other hand, there are things we have to hang on to in order to survive and be healthy.
Think of standing on a moving bus in traffic. You better hang on.
But then you also have to know when to let go, so you can get off at your destination, or to transfer
to another bus. These thoughts about letting go and hanging on are the development of my new book.

Sound interesting?

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