About Embraced by God

Begun in 1980, this Catholic Ministry, which was originally called DeSales Resource Center was founded by Rev. Joseph Power, Oblate of Saint Francis de Sales, to offer direction to those interested in the everyday spirituality we call Salesian. The ministry included a retail on-line store offering books and recordings; a lending resource library; hosting of annual Salesian gatherings and assistance to anyone interested in learning about this hope filled spirituality.

In 2002, after Father Joe’s untimely death in a car accident, Oblate Father John Graden came to the Resource Center to continue the important work. With the addition of an expanded Parish Mission ministry, DRC was incorporated as DeSales Resources & Ministries, Inc.

Father John Graden intended to retire at the start of 2021, but unfortunately illness took his life before he was able. Embraced by God is now run by a small dedicated staff and continues to spread the messages and lessons of Salesian spirituality.

Today, our ministry reaches “seekers” from every walk of life who are searching for a joy-filled spirituality that will fit their unique personality. With that in mind, we have chosen to rename our ministry: Embraced by God, as it speaks clearly of a spirituality that will “bring you closer to a God who yearns to love you,” a perfect definition of Salesian Spirituality!

In addition to retailing books and recordings throughout the country, we also:

Publish Books

Currently Embraced by God publishes both new and out of print materials under the DeSales Resource Center name.  This makes available a number of important works that would otherwise not be available and for which we are sole distributors.  See the subcategory “Published by DeSales Resource Center” under Shop in our main menu for these titles.

Sponsor and Host a Salesian Scholars Seminar

A bi-annual seminar bringing together national and international scholars to continue the development of Salesian scholarship. These gatherings provide a stimulus for further research and writing in the area of Salesian spirituality.

Help Facilitate the North American Salesian Network (NASN)

An annual gathering of Leadership from Salesian provinces, associations and congregations with the purpose of connecting the larger Salesian family and infusing North America with the genius and wisdom of Salesian Spirituality. The group considers initiatives that might otherwise be difficult to accomplish as a single Salesian entity and looks to share resources and reduce duplication.

Sponsor and Co-Host “The Better Off Read Summer Book Festival”

An annual large-scale local literary festival thrown with the intentions of promoting reading, encouraging writing, and celebrating storytelling.