What is Salesian Spirituality?

How 400-year-old Catholic teachings can help us live joyfully today

In the 17th century, Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal developed a set of practical, realistic and freeing principles that helped people in rural France live happier, more fulfilling lives. The saints’ teachings were published and shared widely, and their teachings remain as relevant today as they were then. Carrying on this tradition, people world-wide continue to live their lives using the principles of Salesian spirituality (say: suh-LEEZ-juhn).

Salesian spirituality is an inspiring, common-sense approach to Christian living:

• God is Love, the Divine Lover
• You are a primary object of God’s love, which is shown to us in Jesus Christ
• All beauty in this world is a peek at the beauty of God
• We can be who we are, and be that well by the power of the Holy Spirit, not as angels, but as good men and women

This is a Christian humanist tradition, which inspires you to live by the power of the Holy Spirit making Jesus come alive in your body, mind and heart.

• If you want to be aware of God in your busy everyday life with friends, family and work, soak in God’s love for you, grow in your love for God and embrace the depth of the human experience.
• If you want to be an optimist, don’t deny the abundant evidence of darkness in this world, but deliberately choose to focus most on the goodness in yourself, in others and in the beauty of the universe itself.
• If you want to be full of joy, competence and confidence in each and every situation of your normal life, deal sensibly, gently and peacefully with reality as it occurs moment to moment.

Our life is a journey and process of:

• Continuing to choose goodness
• Accepting God’s Love and the dignity of ourselves and all creation
• Rejecting evil and accepting compassion and forgiveness
• Always starting again from right where we are to change the world by changing ourselves, even in the smallest ways