1. Learn & Live the Spirit

Be who you are and be that well, to give honor to the Master Craftsman whose handiwork you are.” – Saint Francis de Sales

Filled with the Holy Spirit, be a person who Lives Jesus everyday with the insights and teaching of Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal.

Read. Learn. Study. Pray. Live…this Spirit, and with gentleness and humility, you can become the face and hands and voice of a loving Jesus in our world.

Live the Spirit

2. Share & Spread the Spirit

Become aware of the available resources we offer: books, recordings, note cards, art prints, retreats and missions, research library and more.

Then talk to your friends and other “seekers” who are searching for a spirituality that makes sense to them and fits into their ordinary activities and busy lives.

Share a book you’ve read or send them one of Bro. Mickey’s Salesian quote cards and direct them to www.embracedbygod.org.

Spread the Spirit

Let us know that you would like to become a member of S.E.T as you love and spread the spirit


And if Possible…

3. Support the Spirit with your financial help

Our ministry exists with the help of our generous donors. With a monthly financial gift, you can assure not just our continuation but our continued growth.

As a member of S.E.T.you will

 Be a part of the Team that is responding to our culture’s hunger for the spirit, by promoting a solidly Catholic, Christian, and humanistic spirituality.

 Be among the first to know of any new developments at Embraced by God….new books, new artwork, retreats and parish missions in your area, new initiatives in the Salesian family.

  Increase your knowledge and deepen your faith by immersing yourself in this joy filled spirituality.

 Receive our continued prayers and heart felt gratitude.

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