Introduction to the Devout Life – Ryan


John K. Ryan translation of the Introduction to the Devout Life by Francis de Sales.

The Introduction has been translated many times and into many languages, and never been out of print since it was first published in 1609.

It tries to convince the readers of their call to and true identity as being themselves, holy and beloved. Then the author proceeds to show you how to grow in that holiness in prayer, the practice of good (virtues), overcoming stumbling blocks, and renewing and reviewing your progress and determination. The human insight and wisdom of this literary genius has surprised people for generations.

This John K. Ryan translation first copyrighted in 1950 has been the scholarly standard by which all contemporary attempts have been compared, and the edition which new the attempts hope to exceed in making the thought of the great saint available to modern audiences. At Embraced by God library we have these translations of the work in stock available for purchase: 1) The John K. Ryan edition noted here; 2) the Indian msfs version translated by Mookenthottham, Nazareth and Kolencherry; and 3) the Fr. John-Julian, OJN complete annotated version.

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