Landscapes of Prayer: Finding God in Your World and Your Life


By Margaret Silf

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishers; Reprint edition (May 22, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1506458262

Prayer is often perceived as a difficult, “place-less” exercise in which we close our eyes and seek God beyond our everyday experience in an invisible, ethereal realm. However, prayer does not always have to look this way. Prayer, too, can have its own sense of place–landscapes which we can inhabit, explore, and meet God in as tangibly as we might meet a fellow traveler.

Alongside beautiful photographs, Margaret Silf explores nine landscapes of prayer, both classic and modern: the garden, the mountain, the seashore, the forest, the river, the urban jungle, the desert, the cave, and the night sky. All are fruitful areas for self-discovery, inviting us to connect with the mystery of God wherever our lives may take us.

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