Saint Margaret Mary: Apostle of the Sacred Heart (Childrens)


Saint Margaret Mary: Apostle of the Sacred Heart Illustrated by Mauro Cavallini

A hard covered 5 x 7 3/4'” book for young readers. Each page have about 20% text along the top with very beautiful and full color art illustrations of the story below. 70 Pages. Translated from the French.

From inside the front page:

“This is a story about Jesus’ great love, and the saint he used to remind us of it. Jesus appeared to Saint Margaret Mary. He showed her his Sacred Heart and asked her to let all people know how much he loves us. He made Margaret Mary his apostle.”

From the back cover:

“Jesus has an important message for you. He gave this message to a young woman named Sister Margaret Mary many, many years ago. At first no one believed that Margaret Mary had seen and spoken with Jesus. But Margaret Mary never gave up. She told everyone what Jesus said about his love and his Sacred Heart. Today the whole world knows about Saint Margaret Mary and the message of Jesus. Do you? Read this story and find out!

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