Treatise on the Love of God, Vol. II


Treatise On the Love of God by St. Francis de Sales, translated by Rt. Rev John K. Ryan.
Two paperback 4½ x 7” volumes 314 and , 356 pages respectively.

Having shown in his Introduction to the Devout Life how people in all careers and on all levels can truly and fully live Catholic Christian lives, St. Francis de Sales next sought to bring them to a deeper knowledge of the origin and fulfillment of all devotion in this truly classic work.

The full text of this work now exists in three English translations: 1) Dom Henry Benedict Mackey, OSB (1884), probably only available in libraries like ours; 3) the msfs version listed also on this site (2009) by Mookenthottam, Nazareth, and Kodikuthiyil; and 3) Rt. Rev. John K. Ryan (1963) available in two volumes listed here.

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Ryan, John K. tr.


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