About the Salesian Scholars Seminar

The Salesian Scholars Seminar was established in 1994 by Fr. Joseph Power, OSFS to encourage the creation and dissemination of scholarly studies of the spiritual legacy of Saints Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal, the communities they founded and the movements they inspired. The seminar meets bi-annually during which members present and discuss their original research. Members have diverse disciplinary, academic and institutional affiliations. The fruits of the seminar become available to the public through a wide array of scholarly journals, books and monographs.

The Seminar is coordinated by scholars Joseph Chorpenning, OSFS and Wendy M. Wright PhD.


The following bibliographies are the works of some of the Salesian Seminar participants.

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Bordes, Helene

Articles from the revue RES (Recherches et Etudes Salésiennes)

1990 The Assoc. RES was founded. The first publication of La Lettre de RES (Recherches et Etudes
Salésiennes) appeared in 1995. Father André Brix osfs and Hélène Bordes were the driving force for
the revue. Its mission was to publish studies on Salesian thought and spirituality so as to bring
interested scholars together and to foster the spread of Salesian studies. When Father Brix could
no longer participate in the redaction of the RES, Hélène generously offered to continue as its
1996, No. 2 Marie-Madeleine dans l’oeuvre de François de Sales, H. Bordes.

2001 No.7 En supplement: Le Livre IX du Traité de l’amour de Dieu pp. 1-20.

2002 No. 8 En supplement: Le Livre X du Traité de l’amour de Dieu
2003 No. 9, Du Livre X au Livre XI du Traité; Poètes mystiques français de l’âge baroque; A propos
du chapitre 15 du Livre X du Traité: problèmes de vocabulaire; Présentation et compte rendu d’une
conference de Mgr Rouet, archiveque de Poitiers: “La chance d’un christianisme fragile,” and
“Petite histoire d’une présidence.”

2004 No. 10, pp. 41-53 André Brix, Une théologie de l’amour de Dieu et de l’amour de l’homme,
Introduction par Hélène Bordes;; Bossuet et François de Sales, pp. 85-121. A long series of
articles on Bossuet et François de Sales ending with, “Bossuet, Francis de Sales and the sky at

2005 No 11. Editorial: Un monde à aimer; En mémoire de soeur Christiane Samain, Salésienne de la
Visitation; Lire les Pères et François de Sales dans la Liturgie des Heures; La Rencontre,
‘Rencontre’ et ‘dialogue’ dans la vie humaine, selon St. François de Sales; and DOSSIER:
Monseigneur Maisonnier.

2006 François de Sales et le theme de la marche, pp. 3-25, in “Echanges salesiens, no. 12. (A
review of the previous three years of the Echanges Salésien) There are two articles in this issue.
The first is, François de Sales Lu dans la Visitation du XVIIe siècle, p. 125-33. It is Hélène’s
review of Elizabeth Stopp’s work on the Emblèmes de Gambart . Stopp could not interest a publisher,
but Terence O’Reilly undertook the task after her death. The second article, Souvenirs de Soeur
Marie Patricia, Archiviste de la “Sainte Source,” pp. 61-85. This long article, s not to be missed
if one is interested in learning about Sister Mary Pat but also in becoming acquainted with Hélène

2007 No. 13 Presentation at the Eechanges Salésiens., “Salesian Civility, the Art of Living in
Today’s Society.”

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Other Publications

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110-111, p.107-110.

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1982- François de Sales, Prophète de l’Amour, in “Une pensée forge dans le creuset de l’Humanisme
et de la Renaissance, “Paris, CIF, 1982, p. 12-15. Hélène’s texte can also be found at:

1987 L’ancienne visitation de Moulins à travers ses archives, Moulins : Société d’émulation des
amis du Bourbonnais.

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Saint François de Sales hier et aujourd’hui ; actes du colloque international de Metz
17-19 septembre . The texts were compiled and published by Jacques Hennequin and Hélène Bordes. It
is a seminal work. Available at Champion -Slatkine, 7 Quai
Malaquais, Paris 1994.

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Paris: Editions du Cerf.

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de l’Université de Saint-Etienne.

2005 Bordes, Hélène, Preface,; Vive Jésus ou le secret de la Sainteté au Quotidien selon
François de Sales, book by Sauté, Sœur Jacqueline . A thesis directed by Hélène Bordes.

2010 saint.François de Sales, portraits croisés, in Conférences de Thorens pour le 4ème centenaire
de l’ordination de saint François de Sales, With Jean Derobert, Michel Tornade, and
Geneviève Pochat

2012, Les sermons de François de Sales [Ressource électronique]Hélène Bordes ; sous la direction
de Jacques Hennequin / Metz : Université de Metz .

Theses directed:

1996, “Jeanne-Charlotte de Brechard et la Visitation au Dix-septième siècle, vie et oeuvres”
par Marie-Agnes Laplace; sous la direction de Hélène Bordes,
1997 “Sermons recueillis inédits attribués à saint François de Sales” [Texte imprimé]: éd.
critique (texte traduit, annoté et commenté) par Anne Dartiguelongue; sous la dir.
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2003, “L’errance chez Amin Maalouf à travers “Léon l’Africain”, “Samarcande”, “Les Jardins
de lumière” et “Le Rocher de Tanios” [Texte imprimé]par Farida Chawad-Stitou; sous la dir.
d’Hélène Bordes
2004 “Théorie et pratique du pouvoir dans l’oeuvre de François de Sales” [Texte imprimé]:
l’administrateur épiscopal par Marie-Thérèse de Labarre ; sous la dir. d’Hélène Bordes.

Review of her work:
1999, A review of Hélène’s thesis, “The Sermons of St. Francis de Sales,” in
Salesian Insights, ed. William C. Marceau, CSB, Bangalore: S.F.S. Publications, p.
130-143, esp. 132, 138. “This article presents a summary of the most important findings of
Borde’s multi-volume thesis for the Doctorat d’Etat, “ (from ICSS
Newsletter, No. 30, Nov. 2013, p. 5).

Some of this bibliography is from the recent issue of the annales salesienes, Nouvelle
série no. 10. The total list is hardly complete,. Hélène told me during our
last visit that she had written about 102 pieces of varying lengths.

Hélène Bordes 1926-2014

Hélene Bordes, an intrepid salesian scholar, departed this world on June 15, 2014 to return home to the Father. In addition to being an indefatigable researcher Hélène was a dedicated teacher and a steadfast friend.

My introduction to Hélène was unusual. The phone rang one morning early ; it was Father Joe Power. He asked me to come to the Seminar  at Stella Niagara because he wanted me to meet someone. Refuse a request by Father Joe? Never !  Two hours later I was seated at the table. My neighbor asked me if I know why I was there. I said « not really ». He told me I would be the commentator for the French woman’s paper. I was in shock , but looking around, I saw a French woman next to Father Joe. Her eyes were directed at me, and they were shining like ribbons. In my head I heard, « All is well .»  Whatever happened, I could handle it.  Lunch brought us together, and a long friendship began.

Hélène’s parents were living in Strasbourg when she was born on January 26. 1926. Her sister Marguerite came in 1929, followed by Elizabeth in 1933.  Her father was an officer in the military, and was sent to Algeria in 1936. The whole familiy went, and Pierre was born there in 1937. The girls attended school until 1945.1

Hélène continued her studies in Paris and in 1950 obtained her Licence (our MA without a thesis) from the Sorbonne in Classical Literature. She wanted to continue but needed to have a DES or  (Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures). The thesis was actually an extended paper or « Mémoire » to show one’s knowledge of research  methodology. She  also needed a professor to be her mentor, but her choice of subjects attracted no attention.  It was only after a friend suggested going to comparative literature that a professor saw her knowledge of Italian and suggested  the topic of St. Francis de Sales and Italy. He whetted her appetite about St. Francis de Sales. Thus began a life long passion. She completed the « mémoire »’and was awarded the DES in 1951. It was only at the conclusion of this paper that she could apply to take the exam for the Aggrégation (our Ph.D. without the thesis). In 1992 the DES was abolished in favor of a « mémoire » attached to the Maîtrise.

Once she had her education completed the French Government gave her  a post as a secondary school teacher in a lycée. They sent her to the light industrial town of Guéret in the  Department of the Creuse in the Limousin.  Following her stint there, she was transferred to the city of Bourges in the Department of the Cher, a  prosperous and stimulating  city of considerable importance in French History. After teaching for seventeen years, Hélène asked to be transferred because she needed to be near her parents who were in declining health. They had moved to Brive, a city in the Department of the Corrèze in the Limousin. Thus it was that Hélène taught in Limoges in the Department of Comparative Literature which allowed her to offer a range of courses.

Sometime before her  plunge into her doctoral studies, Hélène came to the US to take some courses in English. She read and spoke English quite well, but if you knew French, English disappeared !

Marguerite, with whom Hélène was very close,  became a nurse and worked for a while in Algeria and then in Marseille. When her parents relocated to Brive, she too came to live in Limoges to be nearer them.  Hélène admired Marguerite for her unending patience and  high moral standard. Hélène’s second sister Elizabeth married and  had a large family in Orleans.  Pierre’s unhappy marriage ended in divorce. He later became sick and Hélène brought him to Limoges in an apartment in her building. She helped him financially  unitl he needed full-time nursing care. Hélène often sacrificed her own comfort to help her siblings. Otherwise she would have loved to return to Stella Niagara.

Her goal was a Doctorat d’Etat, (Ph.D with a book-length thesis). She was in her third year of writing when an American researcher published a book on the same subject ! Now she had to start over. Such drive and perseverance were characteristic of  Hélène. She had an amazing capacity for work .

Now began the years of research. The 1970s, Hélène points out in the introduction to her thesis, saw the renewal of studies on the art of oratory and the rhetoric of the sacred word. The culmination of this movement is Marc Fumaroli ‘s thesis, L’Age de l’éloquence in which Charles Borromée and Antoine Possevin along with many others are represented. Hélène states that by 1975 there were so many more notable authors that her two thesis directors, René Bady and Jacques Hennequin, thought that she should analyse their ideas concerning Francis de Sales’ while adding her own interpretation. She could show in greater detail the role that he played among this ‘concert’ of men, whose works he often knew and  many of whom he had even met.2

For whatever reason Hélène didn’t see herself traveling along this path ; she wanted to be more adventurous. She  was never content with a measured approach that involved other peoples’ work.  She wanted to be original and to dig out the necessary material to support her ideas.  Where did she go to begin her research ? Yes, to the Visitation at Annecy. She was there for the Journées salésiennes, and it so happened that . Mother Marie Reine had  made an exposition of several pieces belonging to the Archives, including Saint Francis de Sales’ famous pectoral cross. « It was in front of this cross that Marie Patricia  and I met without ever having seen one another. »This first meeting was the beginning of a life-long friendship and collaboration.

René Bady was in Lyon, but he was going blind. He asked Jacques Hennequin in Metz if he would take over the direction of Hélène’s thesis. Professor Hennequin had met Hélène at  a coloquium in Marseille. She consoled him after a forceful colleague had sharply criticized  him  for asking  questions about method. He was a bit unsure of this new responsibility , claiming  to know little about St. Francis de Sales. Hélène’s answer was so characteristic! « That’s all right, you’ll learn. »4 Indeed Jacques Hennequin  went out and purchased the Complete Works and started reading! 5

The moment came for the dreaded defense of the Dissertation.  Fortunately Margeurite was able to accompany her sister, which did a great deal for calming Hélène’s nerves. Her thesis was entitled, The Sermons of Saint Francis de Sales. The defense took place at the University of Paris in September 1989 under the designation of the University of Metz. Her jury consisted of three professors from Paris IV (La Sorbonne) and one from Metz. The thesis was nearly 3,000 pages long.  Jacques Hennequin modestly reports, « I had almost nothing to direct concerning her thesis. She knew ten times more than I about the subject. This thesis should have been published by the Service for the Publication of Theses in Lille and diffused in all the university libraries in France. » 6 The only printed copy is in the library at the University of Metz. It is thanks to Professor Hennequin that Hélène had the greatest satisfaction of her life when he was able to get her thesis published in electronic form in 2012. Now it is available  online at :


The thesis of course was in addition to her teaching at the University of Limoges. Hélène was always ready to help. Her generosity extended to her time and  material resources. She engaged your thought process whether you were sitting next to her or miles away on the telephone.  Professor Hennequin notes, «her fervent piety was infectious. She went so far as  to offer books or subscriptions to journals if she thought  they would help you reflect more deeply or pray better.».7

Having become a holder of the coveted degree of  Doctorat d’Etat, the highest degree in France, Hélène was now free to work on whatever she pleased.  However, Francis and Jane de Chantal were the only ones in the picture ! Five years after receiving her degree in 1994, Marguerite died suddenly, and Hélène had a difficult time coming to grips with such a huge loss. Fortunately she already knew the oblates, Père Brixe and the Père l’Honoré since the early seventies when they had invited her to participate in the Journées Salésiennes . Now she accepted the opportunity to  become more deeply involved.

Her first devotion was to her Lord and her prayer life ; her second was of course to Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal. Soon there was another member of God’s kingdom who reigned in her household.  Someone introduced her to an American couple who were breeders of a very special species of cats. They were so expensive that only the very wealthy could own one, but it so happened that one of their males could no longer sire any offspring. They were looking for a good home for him, and somehow he ended up in Limoges !  When Hélène opened her door, my first sight was this magnicifcent jet black cat  wearing a tux and white spats with a white tip on his tail , looking straight at me with beautiful green eyes. He seemed to be a statue daring me to advance. When Hélène embraced me, he lowered his head, turned around and returned to the living room. Monsieur Gentil Bonhomme was certainly the protector of the domain.  This beloved cat could transmit anything he wished to convey in the most precise and gallant fashion. He and Hélène had an extraordinary understanding of one another. Unfortunately he died a year before my last visit.

Before being unable to write, Hélène had been working tirelessly on a new edition of The Devout Life. Being interested in this work, I was excited to hear her expound on various meanings in the book. Her insights were original, and the text seemed to take on a new life. Even though her days were filled with activity, there was always time for a good long phone conversation. I never knew whether I would receive a critique, positive remarks or a discourse on why I should be doing something else. Research was her life, and she  wanted others to be good researchers too.  Her « brin autoritaire » (authoritarian touch) as a collague mentioned, did exist, but it was never to disparage someone’s work. She had such a brilliant mind, that whatever you said, she had assmiliated in a second. She became the teacher when she wanted to ensure that you had really understood the inference. She would only seem authoritarian because she cared for you and wanted your work to be the best that it could be.

This generosity took her into a completely new world. The Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales were no longer able to direct the Association Recherches et Etudes Salésiennes (RES). Hélène took over this demanding job  of President,  which also included  organizing the « Journées salésiennes, » a week-long conference with prayer sessions, papers, and relaxation. It was held in the provinces one year and in old Annecy the other, generally in August.  Each year the first RES contained the articles that had been presented at the conference, In 2003 No. 10, she published an introdution to the Traité, and a Mémorial to André Brix, osfs whom Hélène had admired beyond all measure. She also announced that she was stepping down from the presidency but would remain on the Advisory Board, which she did until 2007.

In remembering Hélène we cannot forget the scholar to whom she felt so indebted . He was that « rock » that Marguerite had been. Here is her hommage to this true gentleman : “it is for the understanding of my last director, for his vigilance, his help in every domain, his sense of friendship and of salesian values, for his unspoken attentions, for the example of his works, (and I am forgetting the many reasons for thanking him and his family) so that this thesis might see the light of day, whatever may be its imperfections against which the author is struggling to humbly follow the  steps of her predecessors . Without him I would never have written the word “end”, nor understood that this word does not signify abandon at the ‘terminus’ but rather a departure, as in any age of life. To direct a researcher already at an advanced age is not an easy task.” 8

Even when Hélène knew that she would soon return to the Lord, she never, even for a moment, exhibited any sign of sadness. When we all went  to see her in late 2013, she was, as always, happy to see us, and immediately launched into a blue streak about many subjects. Seated in her tiny kitchen at a small table, we shared whatever food we had, opened a good bottle of red, and laughed just like old times. Pain and sorrow were absent from her vocabulary. Joy and love of God and neighbor reigned supreme.

There was another group of friends whom we shared and always prayed for at the end  of our phone conversations, the good sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary, those at Nevers for Hélène and  at Scy-Chazelles for myself. All these sisters had given us the privilege of working and praying with them in the silence of the monastery. Hélène would find me remiss if I failed to I mention how much they contributed to our lives.

Hélène worked tirelessly not only for her own work , but in an effort to promote a Saint that needed to be known in this difficult world fraught with danger, distrust and a gowing sense of nihilism . Francis de Sales was a Saint whose unique perspective on earthly and religious life could bring to all those who made his acquaintance, greater joy and purpose in living.

She was constantly in the presence of her beloved saint. In our last few minutes alone she said, as we embraced with tears, «With Francis de Sales  we shall always  be together. » Hélène, may your laughter and joy penetrate the heavenly halls.

Patricia J. Siegel-Finley

Daughter of Saint Francis de Sales

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