Index to the Writings of St. Francis de Sales

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Index to the Writings of St. Francis de Sales: A Subject Analysis of Seven Titles Translated from the French into English. Compiled by Sr. Mary Loyola Lynn, and Sr Mary Grace Flynn for the Visitation Monasteries in the United States, 1968. Paperback,
6½ x 10”, 136 pages.

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The books indexed in this work are:
The Catholic Controversy
Introduction to the Devout Life (Ryan)
Treatise On the Love of God (Ryan)
The Spiritual Conferences
Selected Letters (Elizabeth Stopp) The letters are even listed.
On the Preacher and Preaching (Ryan)
The Mystical Explanation of the Canticle of Canticles (Mackey)

A useful index when searching for particular passages of St. Francis de Sales.
Other more recent resources are also very helpful: 1) Living Jesus, a topical arrangement of quotes by Jerry Quinlan and others, 2) Select Salesian Subjects (Over 800 textual quotes of or about St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal indexed; available in print and can be sent to you electronically.) 4) Images in Francis de Sales (available electronically upon request).

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