Treatise On The Love Of God: Combined Edition


by St. Francis de Sales.

The greatest work of a genius in Theology and Mysticism; an entirely new 2009 translation, complete and unabridged by three Indian Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (msfs) scholars: Antony Mookenthottam, Armind Nazareth, and Henry Jose Kodikuthiyil. One single 5½ x 8½ x1¼ volume. The full text of this work now exists in three English translations: 1) Dom Henry Benedict Mackey, OSB (1884), probably only available in libraries like ours; 2) Rt. Rev. John K. Ryan (1963) available in two volumes on this site; and 3) The msfs version here listed (2009) by Mookenthottam, Nazareth, and Kodikuthiyil.

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Francis de Sales


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